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Great Answers 4 U Residential Services

Great Answers 4 U housing program is a structured, comprehensive 15-month transitional program for men that have been impacted by addiction, mental illness or incarceration.

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Nearly 650,000 people are released from America’s prisons each year. They return to their communities needing housing and jobs, but their prospects are generally bleak.

The majority of ex-prisoners have not completed high school. In addition, close to three quarters of them have a history of substance abuse, and more than one third have a physical or mental disability.  These former prisoners are going home to some of the nation’s poorest neighborhoods, where they often lack stable social bonds and support networks and where there are few services to help them restart their lives. Given the huge gap between their complex challenges and their limited opportunities for addressing them, it is not surprising that recidivism rates are high. In fact, more than half (52 percent) of former state prisoners are back behind bars within three years after their release, either because of a parole violation or because they have committed a new crime.

This cycle of recidivism produces many negative consequences. Households that are already fragile become overwhelmed. Communities that are already struggling fall further behind. The lives of those who move in and out of prison are wasted. And the cost to taxpayers is enormous. Without the development of effective approaches for reducing recidivism, the problem is certain to grow. The number of Americans behind bars has increased steadily and now includes more than 2.1 million men and women. Almost all of them will eventually be released, and, unless something changes, more than half of them will not be successful in reentering their communities and will return to prison. (Guide for Prison Re-entry program, U.S Department of Labor, 2007)
Great Answers 4 U housing program is a structured, comprehensive 15-month transitional program for men that have been impacted by addiction, mental illness or incarceration. We utilize an integrated wrap-around approach to cultivate client skill set and promote a more healthy and viable lifestyle.

Potential residents submit an intake packet, participate in a face to face interview to explore appropriateness of programing to client need and willingness to commit to the program in its entirety. If the GA4U is indeed a fit; candidates needs are assessed by program staff members targeting particular deficit areas, such as education, vocational training, psychological services, or substance abuse.

Great Answers 4 U will help you feel more confident about running life’s race while cultivating your own personal strengths, talents and gifts. Programing at GA4U promotes self-discovery and increased patience during challenging times.

Benefits of Participating in Great Answers 4 U Residential Program

To the Community:
• Greater accountability for the offender
• Positive approach to offender adjudication
• Less victimization/greater public safety
• Reduced incarceration costs
• Reduced jail overcrowding

For the Offender:
• Cultivate personal leadership traits
• Improve interpersonal skills
• Opportunity for intervention
• Focus towards positive outcomes
• Break in the criminal cycle
• Reduced jail incidents

Great Answers 4 U offers participants services through collaborative efforts with other community agencies with expertise in varied disciplines that include supports such as:

• Individual and group therapy
• Educational groups
• Peer and community support
• Intensive case management
• Workforce development
• Relapse prevention and life skills groups
• Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
• 12-Step recovery work
• Trauma recovery groups
• Long-term Aftercare
• Parenting Support and Education
• Identification achievement of self-efficacy
• Long-Term support and follow-up
• Home Ownership Education
• Grief and Loss Support Groups

While serving the Homeless, Mentally Challenged, Addicted, and Re-entry Great Answers 4U has opened its first family home, offering its unique blend of housing, services,compassion, security, stability and accountability to homeless families. The first family residents, havingjust moved into their home in February 2020, are already seeing increased stability. This family has been reunited with their children.

Great Answers 4U uses 100% of all donations to house, feed, cloth and stabilize our residents. Many of these residents have no other options, and without us would be on the street. Your donation would certainly provide a Great Answer.

In-Kind Donations:
• 15 Passenger Van
• Gas Cards
• Food Processor
• Twin bed linens, pillows, blankets, comforters, mattress pads
• Household supplies

Capital Donations:
• Houses
(Great Answers 4U currently rents 6 properties)

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